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My dear friends and loved ones

Today I will be publishing my article on the Armenian genocide to coincide with the centennial on 24 April 2015.

Many of you may know that I am a grandchild of Armenian Genocide survivor.

I would like to make it very clear that I bear no hatred or resentment towards the Turkish people. I do in fact have many Turkish friends, many of whom I am honoured to have met and I consider them close.

Today, I am asking you all to please share this article with your friends whatever your nationality or religion.

The article is written to help us all, Armenians and Turks alike…


24th of April, 2015 marks the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. The world will remember and pay tribute to 1.5 million victims of the genocide perpetrated by the Committee of Union and Progress (Young Turks) under Ottoman rule in 1915.

Turkey has consistently denied that a genocide had taken place and vehemently opposes anyone who refers to it in any manner. We have all witnessed their thuggish and retaliatory attitude towards the Pope when he referred to the Armenian Genocide in his speech and when he confirmed that the killing of the Armenians was indeed a genocide. The Turks predictably issued spiteful responses and even went as far as to threaten the deportation of Armenians from Turkey; their own nationals. The Mufti of Ankara also added that in response to the Pope’s statement, the country will convert Hagia Sofia Cathedral into a mosque.

Desperate and immature measures by a brutal regime that thrives on oppression and fear.

Are we to expect any less from a country which on the one hand claims to be a democracy and yet in fact functions as a draconian totalitarian police state? A country which summarily bans and censors social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for the simplest of remarks questioning the country or its president.

A country which is renowned for its record of cruelty and brutality against its own citizens and a track record of massacres and genocides against innumerable countries and races. One only has to refer to their colourful record on Amnesty International’s website, it reads like a fictional horror story.

Turkey always does what it does best – deny, lie and threaten.

This is a country that considers itself ‘European’ and the pillar of modern culture and civilization yet the underlying truth is that it is a country built on the blood of others.

Turkey’s attitude with respect to the Armenian Genocide has been pathetic to deny it throughout the past 100 years. They even go as far as to downplay their stratus from oppressors to that of the pathetic victims.
Up to 1.5 million Armenians were massacred, crucified, hanged, mutilated, raped, etc… most of the victims were marched without food or water in arid conditions under the pretence of ‘mass deportations’ the real objective being the total annihilation of Armenians. Despite mounting evidence and proofs in the form of credible witness statements, historic documents, handwritten journals, forensic evidence, etc… Turkey remains entrenched in its lies.

Over 23 countries now officially recognize the Armenian Genocide and their number is rising. How could 23 countries as well as 43 different states of the United States of America be all wrong?

Denial of the genocide is deliberate and serves many objectives. Primarily Turkey wants to avoid compensating the Armenians and the return of our lands which they pillaged during the massacres. Turkey also fears that if it admits to one genocide, then other races such as the Assyrians, Greeks, Kurds, etc… will all become vocal and demand recognition of their own genocides. They also hope that the longer that they can prolong the issue, the weaker our case will become as it ‘inevitably’ fades into a distant memory in the hallmark of time.

In their opinion, their stance also forces us into a disadvantage because in reaction to their denials, we would have to gather and present evidence to support our case. Turkey consistently shuns all historic supporting documents and evidence and labels them as fabrications.

However and much to Turkey’s disappointment, the subject of the Armenian Genocide has failed to fizzle out over time and in recent years, the provision of evidence to support the Armenian cause has gained momentum. Including and not limited to substantial troves such as Talaat Pasha’s memoires.

Talaat Pasha was the Ottoman Minister of Interior, who supervised the destruction of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire and his memoires were recently made public by his own daughter. In his memoires, he states that the massacres were carefully planned and executed with precision with the objective being to annihilate the Armenian race. He goes on to reveal a log of actual numbers of Armenians killed on a daily basis among other vital and incriminating information. According to Talaat’s own figures, the count of Armenian victims was around 1,150,000

The memoires of Talaat Pasha, catapulted our case forward with undeniable strength. Prominent Turks and Turkish scholars are now defying the establishment and demanding to know the truth. Many Turks are now standing with Armenians in solidarity and have come to the conclusion that despite their own government’s denials, the voices of ghosts cannot be easily silenced; there are too many questions that beg answers.

The new generations of Turks are well educated, intelligent and independent. They know how the modern and civilized world operates. They see how Europe and America acknowledged their own sins and mistakes. Modern society can only progress if it comes to terms with its past, regardless of how ugly it may be.

Unlike the criminal and arrogant ideology of murderers such as Talaat Pasha who stated the following in his diary “We know we have made mistakes, but we never regret.” A civilized nation acts in a civilized manner:

– Germany acknowledged the holocaust, apologized and paid reparations.
– Europe and America admitted to the slavery of Africans, apologized on many occasions and are doing all that they can to compensate.
– America acknowledged their mistake when they dropped nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and apologized.

These are only a handful of examples from the civilized world to which Turkey aspires.

Progression comes only through knowledge and honesty. A society which purposely chooses to remain entrenched in deceit and ignorance has no chance of moving forward and may well in fact regress back to darker ages. Eventually, Turkey will succumb to mounting pressures and will be left with little choice but to admit to the Armenian Genocide. I do not know when this will happen but I am sure that when it does, the Turkish people will feel betrayed and insulted by their own government, its integrity in question and its formidability in disarray.

I wish Turkey for once would do the right thing and stop its charade and cowardice and be truthful. Turkey has a golden opportunity to grow and to flourish by ridding itself of its antiquated ideology of oppression. However, this may prove a very big challenge for a country that has ruled others with fear.

With truth comes pain but truth is also a great liberator. Should the Turks admit to the genocide one day, it would be of a great relief to Armenians and Turks alike. We may both find new grounds and finally cross the barriers, a new era of mutual respect, away from the evils of denial and fear.

I have always believed that even in the darkest of nights a single shining star can make all the difference. One day, the dark cloud will be lifted to reveal many shining stars, all 1.5 million of them and they will light our sky. Their souls in heaven they no longer reside as derelict bones in the arid deserts. Theirs is the heaven promised to the giants before them.

God’s will shall prevail in the end.

The 1.5 million Armenians massacred will finally rest in peace…it is only a matter of time.

Garo Dedeyan
Grandchild of Armenian Genocide survivor
20th April 2015

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