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99 years…

ArmenianToday marks the 99th year of the Armenian genocide in 1915

This was a very sad and dark event in Armenian history with a loss of 1.5 million human lives brutally tortured and massacred by Ottoman forces.

It is a painful memory that resonates across generations and despite the incessant denials that it ever happened by those in power in Turkey the issue has gathered momentum.

There are many Turks who are now asking questions, proofs are surfacing, undeniable facts and points that cannot be dodged any more. Some Turks are now standing in solidarity with us Armenians in our grief and they too are demanding answers.

Their government maintains that the fallen Armenians died in the ‘war’ and that the Turks suffered as well. I do not doubt that both sides have suffered serious casualties but the Turkish authority’s explanation does not and cannot justify the death of 1.5 million Armenians. Denials by the Turkish authority have only led to more curiosity by the Turks who are now asking questions and demanding to know the truth.

One such bombshell was released by Talat Pasha’s daughter in the form of his memoires where he documented in his own handwriting the daily activities and specifically the numbers of kills. The memoires published as “Talat Paşa’nın Evrak-ı Metrukesi” in the form of a book and the numbers of kills certainly tally up and not in the thousands as claimed by the Turkish authorities but in the hundreds of thousands and leading up to the million and half dead Armenians.

I do not pray for justice for that is God’s will and decision. Not a single true Christian has a right to ‘pray for justice’ when the teachings of Christ clearly state ‘forgive thy enemy and love thy enemy’

However, I do pray for truth and for enlightenment.

I long to see the day when the Turkish authority admit to its wrong doing and admit to the massacres as an orchestrated act of mass genocide. The Armenians who were killed were not being ‘relocated’ and did not die in thousands. They were intentionally massacred and the numbers of the dead are in the the hundreds of thousands as clearly indicated in Talat Pasha’s memoires and the many other surfacing bodies of evidence.

I have always maintained that the truth will eventually be revealed, or perhaps even ‘extracted’ but I know that nothing and no one can stand in the face of truth.

Yesterday, in an unprecedented move, Mr. Tayyip Erdoğan, prime minister of Turkey offered his public condolences to the grandchildren of Armenians killed in 1915 by Ottoman soldiers.

As an Armenian myself and a grandchild of the holocaust, I personally accept and welcome the condolences offered and this is a step forward. We may never see the day when the Turkish authority admit to the massacres or even give us our plundered lands back, but the condolences are a step in the right direction for the healing of a both Armenians and Turks.

Of course, there are political reasons behind this gesture and I do not profess to know what they are and I do not really care at this stage. I look at the broader picture and here is an opportunity for us Armenians to demonstrate to the whole world which is closely watching for our response, how Christian we truly are with our claim to fame of being the first Western civilization to embrace Christianity.

Humanity is plagued with a history of savagery. Every single race has brutalized the other and in most cases, even its own people. The Lebanese civil war has been a perfect example where Muslims and Christians butchered each other (both Lebanese) and then both went as far as butchering their own through inner fighting. I am also aware of Armenian in fighting in Lebanon, where opposing fractions were made to line up and shot, execution style. Crimes perpetrated by the very survivors of the Armenian genocide.

Humanity is savage and we all need to learn that the struggle for money, power and our fight over archaic ideology is leading to our own destruction.

To my Armenian brothers and sisters, to the survivors of the genocide and their grandchildren, I also offer my condolences to you on this sad day. I urge us all to purge the hate and anger that we hold against the Turks and to allow the glory of Christ into our hearts. We should not let the deaths of 1.5 million Armenians be in vain, we should learn and grow more radiant with the truth, the truth is that we have been annihilated, dispersed and robbed of our dignity and land yet we rejoice in HIS name for indeed we are true believers in truth – We are the truth.

“To my grandfather Garabed Dedeyan, whose entire family was massacred  – I walk in your example, I learned from you and I will forever love you…”

Garo Dedeyan
24 April 2014
London, England

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