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False Teeth!

I was probably twelve years old and I was fascinated by horror movies. Dracula was popular at the time and I used to watch it secretly with my friends There were no video players back then, televisions were in black and white but we had cine reels and a projector. My friends and my brother would gather to watch the silent horrors in complete darkness…

My grandparents lived in the same building as my parents in Lebanon and I would often wander down to their flat and spend time with them, whenever I wasn’t out playing with my band of mischievous friends. I was a Nosey little Parker and I would often go through my grandfather’s old books, his personal cupboard where he kept his various knick knacks… until one day I happened on the holy grail itself. I stumbled across what looked like ‘teeth’ in a glass of water next to my grandmother’s bed!I held the glass in my hand and lifted it to eye level and I peered at the false teeth. They looked quite hideous and disproportionate in the slightly murky water but I was excited beyond belief. I had to show my friends, I had to freak them out!

To this day I have no idea how I managed to stuff the false teeth in my mouth but I do remember being out in the yard and chasing after my friends, scaring them with my newly acquired toy… I thought I was Dracula himself and being of a slightly bigger build than my friends, I remember seeing their faces in horror as they scurried to try and get away from me!

However, the real horror came from behind me when my grandmother’s figure appeared from behind the kitchen window. She was wearing a robe, her hair a mess and she was producing strange and eerie sounds while waving a fist in the air. Unknown to me at the time, the poor woman was unable to speak without her teeth and so I stood there with her false teeth still in my mouth, frozen in my tracks while my friends, ran out of our yard as fast as their tiny legs could carry them…

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