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‘Innocence of Muslims’

Over the past couple of weeks we have witnessed riots, violence and global condemnation at the blasphemous and demeaning movie ‘Innocence Of Muslims’

The movie has deeply offended all Muslims and rocked the nation in anger.  There is much speculation about the identity of the producer and the financiers of this production and why it was even released and why at this particular time?  Accusations are being traded and the usual suspects are in denial of any involvement.  The suspected producer, who is also a convicted felon is denying his involvement, yet a photo of him surfaced not too long ago with a lead actress from the movie. The actors claim that they were duped into a twisted production and that they are in fact the victims of a scam that is affecting their security and livelihood.
Despite overwhelming protests, social media websites are standing firm against all pressure to remove the offensive movie from their servers.  Some countries have made public demonstrations illegal, other countries are simply blocking social websites that are making the movie available for viewing or download.

The already fragile and fragmented relations between East and West are now being tested and pushed to further extremes, with no good end in sight.

Whoever came up with this horrid movie, knew full well the repercussions it would serve and they must have expected the reactions it is currently receiving.  Publicly and to date, this is the most personal and provocative attack against Muslims.  It is far more insulting than the Western world can comprehend.   Muslims hold precious many values which sadly the West may now consider ‘archaic’ and the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is revered by all Muslims with ultimate respect for He (SAW) is a messenger of God, a representative of all that is sacred and good.  It is simply unthinkable for The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) to be portrayed in that insulting and desecrating manner.

I am against violence in any shape or form and I am definitely against the taking of human life for any reason.  Yet, to some extent I do admire and respect Muslims for standing up for their religion, unlike the majority of Christians in the West who seem completely passive and perhaps even disinterested when it comes to blasphemous acts against Christianity.

Take for instance the pornographic video production company that filmed an actual pornographic video in a real church a few years ago.  What did the Christians do about it?  They organized a debate… as if such a matter is debatable in the first place!  Filming took place anyway…

A few years ago, in Italy – no less, a clothing manufacturer produced women’s underwear with the picture of Jesus on the front and thongs with the crucifix in the back, strategically positioned for obvious reasons.  What did the Christians in the West do about it?  Did they rise?  Did they scream and express their disgust?  No, it took months of legal wrangling to try and stop the offensive material and production ceased when eventually the Vatican threw its weight to exert more pressure.

As far as I am concerned, whoever is behind the movie ‘Innocence of Muslims’ is quite irrelevant as a person.  They are obviously Godless and their nationality and religion are meaningless.  Their true identity is revealed in their work; they are instruments of evil and their plan is to poison and to further destroy the brotherhood of man.   Their ultimate goal is to provoke hatred, blood and murder and to make us despise and resent one another and eventually God in the process.  The work is of the devil and we must look not at the crime itself but rather at who stands to profit from it the most to fully comprehend who or what exactly is behind it.

It is quite ironic that the devil who refused to bow to man who is supposedly ‘beneath’ him, is so pre-occupied trying to provoke man against man and man against God.   Clearly, we must possess qualities that Satan is threatened by and which are not really beneath him after all but in fact far above him and beyond him and that is why he resents us.  We are capable of love and faith and compassion and he is barren and devoid of all that is good.

I was born a Christian but I am in reality multi faceted in my faith.  I grew up in Islamic countries and cultures and was blessed with deep friendships.  I have long ago accepted all of God’s religions and equally embraced Islam into my heart.  By me accepting Islam in my heart, my Muslim friends have shown me the same appreciation at a personal level by praying in a church with me on many occasions.  I too was honoured to pray in a Mosque with the same friends.  Some of my Muslim friends wear the crucifix as a sign of ultimate respect and I also keep The Holy Qur’an in my home.  If we are to defeat evil, it has to come from within and we must remain resilient to all provocations.  The only way to achieve that is to stay united and strong in faith, not only in God but also in one another.

‘Innocence of Muslims’ is a trap, the work of evil, a vain attempt to destroy that which is sacred; the brotherhood of man.

Mortals can never be capable of insulting God and the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is forever blessed and above and beyond all such acts.  God does not need us, humans, to avenge him or to defend his honour.  God is perfectly capable of delivering justice in a manner that he sees fit.

The times now call for us to stand in the face of the storm in a manner that can truly bring evil to its knees and that is by shunning these provocations and showing no reaction to those responsible so that they can never receive the sick satisfaction they so desperately seek.

We are believers, of genuine faith.   We strike into the heart of evil with our faith and determination.   There is a good reason why God wants us all to stay united:

Together, we are light and with light, we defeat all darkness…

Garo Dedeyan
London, UK
September, 2012


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  1. As usual , you dont disappoint Garo. Faved and Fanned.

  2. I always read your writings when you post them and I am always impressed. Since the video and the riots I have seen and heard countless anti Muslim statements and I honestly believe that’s why they made it… For the reaction and the excuse to be hateful based on their reaction. It’s pitiful.

  3. Love Crete says:

    Dear Garo, the term “brotherhood of man” excludes 50% of humankind. I know it is men who are usually responsible for conflict, but…

  4. it’s a gift to have a brother like u ♥

  5. Garo I carefully read your beautiful article. It is great in content! Congratulations and many thanks for getting the message across..

  6. Andre Dedeyan says:

    Dear Garo,
    Your words are so deep and moving. You have expressed truly what we all feel against this disgrace of a movie. The devil is always trying to conquer our hearts, we have to keep fighting him off. Thank you my dear brother for every word. You have outdone yourself and it is simply amazing.
    God bless your kind heart…

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