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Love Thy Enemies

love thy enemiesI informed my neighbour that my wife and I will be moving out of our flat to a new address in a month and he was very upset.  In fact I saw him go silent after a while as he drifted in thought.

“Oh Garo, that is sad… I am happy for you but I am sad.”
“Me too… I wish we did not have to leave but such is life.”

I could not think of anything else to say and I saw him turn away because he was genuinely upset.

I have known my neighbour since we moved into our present flat more than 15 years ago.  My neighbour who is supposed to be my ‘enemy’ had become my good friend.  We’ve shared many good times together and we bonded to the degree where there is mutual trust and respect.  If I have important documents, he receives them on my behalf and vice versa.   Once when I was ill and he learnt about it from my wife, he ran to fetch me medication and called me to ask how I was and if I needed anything.  We are there for one another as friends and family.

My neighbour extended an invitation to both of us to visit his home country and insisted that we stay in his house and treat it as our own home.  “If you ever come to visit, I will give you my house keys.  You will be welcome to stay.”

We never discussed politics, there was no point.  We mutually and naturally saw no good purpose in discussing topics that serve little but to divide us further.

It is not my first encounter and friendship with a Turk and I have learnt in time to put my upbringing to one side and to trust my instinct about what is right and what is wrong.  I grew up to the story of my grandfather who was orphaned during the Armenian genocide, yet I know from my grandfather that a Turkish elderly couple saved his life by hiding him in their home, risking their own lives in doing so.  This was proof to me that in all people there exists the good and the bad and it is up to us to overcome our fears and prejudice to rise above all evil to remain united.

I am a follower of Christ and his profound teachings that guide us away from darkness and fear:

“Love thy enemies and forgive those who have wronged you”

The golden principles that have liberated me and blessed me with the knowledge that we are all imperfect and incomplete unless we are united in love. These are the fundamental values of humanity and love.

I will miss my neighbour when I move but I know our friendship is built on true foundations and it will continue to blossom.

Together we are light…

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  1. Very inspiring
    I Can see the light in your heart
    Dearest Garo Dedeyan

  2. Garo Dedeyan says:

    Thank you dearest Farah xx

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