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Preview of my new book ‘The Desert Falcon’

“If I could just see you again, your face, even if it is for one last time.  I could lose myself in your eyes as I feel your soft skin and your caressing fingers on my face.  Oh God how I long for your voice…”

With a heavy thud the hammer came down and the nail drove through the palm of his hand.  It hurt even more than the first nail they hammered into the palm of his left hand.  He had sworn not to cry and not to show weakness but the pain was overwhelming and he involuntarily screamed in agony.  They fastened his arms with ropes to the wooden plank on either side and slowly lifted him up to face the hot scolding sun.  The heat was unbearable and his eyes burnt from the sweat and blood that was trickling from his forehead.

His head was spinning and he fought his nausea.  He had to endure, he had to be strong, he repeated a prayer but the thirst was overwhelming.  He cried silently…

“Take me God, while my faith is strong for in weakness my reason may betray me.”

“Allah Akbar” he repeated over and over, fighting to control his breathing when suddenly he felt a blow to the side of his face.  It was a stone flung by one of the executioners who stood smirking.  The others laughed…

They were crucified under the hot sun, all seven of them and by the time the executioners had left, some of the men were unresponsive; dying.

“Have faith brothers, be strong… God is with us.   God is with the faithful and in his grace we die today as martyrs… have faith men, be strong.”

Only a few responded.  He could not see the others for he was at the forefront but all the same, he repeated words of encouragement.

Eventually, weak and weary, his head dropped as he grasped for air and that is when he heard them… the galloping horses in the distance making their way towards him.  He could not believe his eyes, could it be true? were they truly his brothers coming to rescue him and the others?  Was he delirious?  He heard the cries of the condemned behind him praising God ‘Allah Akbar!’  and he realized that it was not an illusion.

One by one, they were helped down from the wooden crosses and when they had lowered him to the ground, his helpers sprinkled water on his face and dabbed a wet clothe to his lips.  As they lifted him to help him to a horse, he saw the others being helped in the same manner.

He could hardly open his eyes yet he painfully cried and sobbed.  No one realized that his tears were of joy, he rejoiced at the thought of her, his precious Aisha…

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  1. Manal Missi says:

    Wow garo nothing in this world is enjoyable like reading your novels, you have magic in your pen turn people, places and memories alive, looking forward to hold your book and drown in it.

  2. Miro Jabbado says:

    alla the best Garo Dedeyan

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