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Smoking Ban in Lebanon

The public smoking ban in Lebanon came into effect not too long ago amidst major uproar. How could anyone stop the Lebanese from smoking? We have more smokers per capita than most countries in the world – even our babies are born with a cigarette in their mouths!

The implications of this law are still ambiguous and there is much speculation about the true intentions behind it. Why did the government suddenly leap in favour of a new and healthy Lebanon while we swerve from side to side in the storms and deprecating political climate?

There is a mini world war being engaged in the region with consequences that threaten to reach Lebanon and beyond. Pollution is so terrible that even the birds are now wearing gas masks!

Advocates of the new law seem oblivious to the fact that Lebanon has far more sinister issues to worry about than someone lighting a cigarette in public. There are a majority of Lebanese who will heed the warnings and cease from smoking in public places. Equally there are those who will disregard the law and continue to smoke in defiance.

Our society continues to fragment and be further divided and now a new social cast will arise to replace the ‘Blues’ and the ‘Oranges’ and that is the ‘Smokers’ and the ‘Non-Smokers’!

In honour of the smoking ban, I present to you my latest cartoon to depict the new social ‘justice’ a la Libanaise. It was not too long ago that two families in Lebanon wiped each other out over a pheasant, so why should lighting up in public warrant a lesser reaction?

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  1. excellent garo. loved the article.

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