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The Little Boy

I cannot remember how old I was when this true story took place but I do know for a fact that it did happen.  It was not a dream and nor was it my imagination.  I am now 45 and I can still remember it vividly.

I was sleeping in my bed and it was a quiet ordinary night.  I woke up for some reason and I raised myself slightly while resting on my elbows.  I looked to my left and my younger brother Andre was asleep in his bed and when I turned to look ahead and that is when I saw him; the little boy.The child was standing at the corner of my bed on the left and looking at me.  His eyes piercing, friendly and he smiled and started waving his hand as if to say ‘hello’  He greeted me with such excitement, it made me wonder if I knew him and who he was. I froze, not because I was scared, I did not feel any threat at any time but I was puzzled “How did he get in?  Who is he?”   The child lowered itself and hid behind the corner of the bed.  I sat up and leaned forward to try and see where he had gone and immediately he stood up, he flashed the cheekiest smile and waved at me again.  It was a very friendly wave, warm and excited.  I felt as if this ‘child’ wanted me to know specifically that he was waving at me to say hello – this was personal somehow.  As I realized that this was no ordinary situation and because I could not explain it, I suddenly felt anxious and I tucked myself under my blanket and slowly drifted back to sleep.  Who was he? I kept wondering, who was this little boy?The next day I told my mother about my experience and she dismissed it as a dream, yet I knew that it was not a dream and I know it for a fact because that ‘visitation’ was the catalyst of many experiences to come, far more vivid and unique, even more beautiful and wondrous at many different levels…

The little boy, opened my mind and my eyes to a beauty that exists around us and reaffirmed my belief that life is indeed deathless…

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