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Time Is Running Out For Lebanon

Time Is Running Out For Lebanon - ArabicOnce upon a time, I knew a beautiful Lebanon where people lived in harmony and respect. That memory is so far away now, the air in Lebanon reeks of hostility and hatred and the Lebanese have never been as divided. Some blame the outside powers and claim that they are instigating this effect, while others say that this is a problem from within Lebanon.

I believe that we are all infected with a modern day disease called ignorance. This disease has compromised every single Lebanese person, regardless of religion, age, sex or physical location. The worst of sufferers believe that they are right and that others are wrong. We are caught in a pitiful and paradoxical vortex of finger pointing and provocation – to what end, I wonder…

While we frivolously engage in tit for tat exchanges and sporadic mini battles in the North and the South, Lebanon, continues to bleed. Perhaps the powers that be want to escalate the situation, they know full well that as long as they fan the fires, money continues to pour into the arena and Lebanon is not short of ‘gladiators’ wanting to shed blood at the drop of a hat.

Perhaps one day and through a miracle, we may finally come to a realization that no side is ever destined to win, we are all being manipulated by ‘dark forces’ intent on the destruction of the very essence of a blessed country that was once host to civilization, literature and religion. Sadly, I fear that by the time we come to the realization, it may be too late…

Lebanon is dying.



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