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Together We Are Light

Hate is an extension of the everlasting fire from the habitation of fallen angels.  It slithers its way into our being, it drives us to everything that we later regret. Fortunately, the fire is invariably self consuming.  We are not built in a manner that can accommodate a negative feeling of this magnitude any longer than necessary.  Hate is mortal in the face of love which remains forever undefeated.

We admire those who have demonstrated enough self control and wisdom to rise beyond their natural instincts.  Pioneers of humanity who can see beyond hate and the strings that lead to the puppeteer; the master of hate and evil.

Hate is the modern day disease, it has successfully swept humanity and infected our minds.  I observed in recent years its mounting diversity and phenomenal strength.  It has successfully dissected cultures, religions, torn away family and friends and fragmented entire societies.  It appears as if in recent years the effect has been acutely intensified to achieve an accelerated rate of dispersion.  As long as we are fighting one another and as long as we continue to fan the flames of hatred, we will continue to empower the epitome of all evil.

I take an oath today to resign myself from this paradox and to consciously make an effort to stop myself from reacting in a predictable and instinctual manner.  The news, the media and world events are the triggers to our reactions and they are orchestrated to entice further hatred and negativity from us, the audience.  The media are the weapon, the resonant catalyst that frivolously sweeps across an entire population.  It is a mind altering machine, a mechanized form of propaganda that is exploited to the advantage of a select minority.  The powers that be, deliberately put forth carefully selected news segments expecting specific reactions.  In the fog of war, it appears that we lose sight and accept to a large degree what we are being fed as the truth.  The enemies of today are yesterday’s friends and the friends of today are tomorrow’s enemies.

I am not superhuman and I expect to be challenged and tempted to hate every step of the way but I swear as of today not to allow hate, the very instrument of evil to find a place in my heart.  As long as remain conscious of my actions and feelings I may be able to stay in control long enough to stop the poison in its tracks.  Knowledge and wisdom are the ultimate tools over fear, ignorance and evil.

Together we are light…

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  1. beautiful, powerful and heart warming ♡

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