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UFO Over Lebanon!

On the night of 7th May 2012, a ‘light’ was observed in the sky over Lebanon.  There has been much speculation over the nature or the source of this ‘light’ with many theories leaning towards it being a UFO (unidentified flying object) – an alien craft.

On closer look, it appears that the ‘light’ may not have been a UFO from another planet after all.

If it was indeed a UFO from another planet, with advanced living beings on board.  I imagine, this is how they would have perceived us from inside their craft…

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3 Comments on "UFO Over Lebanon!"

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  1. Loool ure really hilarious. Hugs to u nd Claudine xx

  2. There’s been so many sightings lately

  3. ufo sightings indiana says:

    Light orb ufos were being seen throughout the world right now. I am not sure what is going on but there is really large inflow of UFO reports – especially about the light orbs within the heavens that pretend to be stars. We had a nearby encounter with these orb ufos in the start of this year and are filming them and monitoring them from the time.

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