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Why am I a magnet for ‘Wrong Numbers’?

Arab StudentI keep getting telephone calls from complete strangers and usually they are apologetic and genuinely puzzled.  It can be quite irritating sometimes, especially if I am in the middle of something important.  Sometimes, when I am in the mood, I go along with their call and enjoy a few minutes of harmless fun… I am never rude (unless they are telemarketers or scammers) but I do enjoy a good tickle and making people laugh is top on my priority list.

So there I was on a lazy Saturday afternoon in my flat in London, enjoying a beer and watching something on TV when the phone rang.  I was not in the mood to talk so I answered it half-heartedly’

“Istaz Tareq?” asked a hesitant voice in Arabic (Istaz means ‘sir’ a term used to address teachers).  The co-incidence that it was an Arab on the phone was a double bonus for me and I grabbed the opportunity.

“Yes… who is it”
“It is Abdullah, sir…. I… I…”
“What do you want?  Speak!”
“Is something wrong Istaz?”
“No… what is wrong with you?”
“I am sorry Istaz… you do not sound quite ‘right’  Shall I call later?”
“No, tell me now… what do you want?”
“Istaz, it is about today’s class.  I am…err… sorry… but… I am not sure… was it chapter two, we had to learn?”
“…and where was your head when you were in class?”
“Sorry… sorry Istaz, but I forgot…”
“Now listen to me very carefully, you are supposed to study chapter two, chapter three and if you can also do chapter four I will be very happy and you’ll get a star”
“What?” he exclaimed…
“What do you mean by ‘what’?  What is unclear about what I just said?”

He went silent and then when he regained his confidence, he muttered something about him being unsure that I am Istaz Tareq.  I immediately responded by telling him that I had no time for his games.

“I am your teacher, what is your problem Abdullah?  Speak!”
“I am…. errr… sorry Istaz, but you… don’t… errr… sound like Istaz Tarek…”
“…and YOU will not sound like Abdullah when I see you in school on Monday.  I am fed up with your silly games… and I am going to hang up”
“No Istaz… sorry…”
“Ok then, you know which chapters you have to study”
“But Istaz, we have not even finished chapter two!”
“I don’t care… you WILL study chapters, 2,3 and four”
“But… errr…”
“No more ‘but’ just do as I say!”
“But… Istaz…”
“Do you want me to give you chapter five as well?”
“Then go and start your revision.  This year, I want an ‘A’ student out of you Abdullah.  Do you understand?”
“Yes… yes….”  he quivered.
“Allah be with you…” I hung up the phone

I believe that Abdullah did revise all the chapters and who knows if he got an A or not, I would have loved to be at his graduation party!

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  1. Wahahahahaha always funny Garo!! And ur photo at the bottom of the page with the tie looks like Istaz Tarek! 🙂

  2. fatme says:

    This is hilarious 🙂 I guess there is an Istaz Tarek in all of us waiting to shine.

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