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Writer’s block, again…

I hate it when it happens, when I get writers’ block I just stop writing for no reason and it usually happens just as when the story is about to become interesting.  I am in the process of writing part two of the ‘Desert Falcon’ and I am agonizing through every sentence and paragraph.  Sometimes, when the inspiration comes, it is so overwhelming, I am literally pinned down to my seat, unable to function in any other way but as a human typewriter as my fingers race away on the keyboard.  When the dreaded ‘block’ arrives, everything turns grey and the story starts to fade, the energy seeps and the creative inspirational light slowly dims…

I have set my mind on writing the second installment of the Desert Falcon, at whatever cost.   First though,  I need to get back into the flow,  I need new distractions and long walks in the park.

I walked past the bench in the photo and stopped and turned back, it somehow captivated me.  I observed the leaves covering the bench; autumn is here and soon to be followed by the inevitable cold harsh winter.  I felt ‘connected’ with nature somehow, could my writers’ block also be seasonal I wondered?  Maybe soon, I hoped, it would disappear and my inspiration will flow again.

It was a perfect opportunity to be at one with nature so I sat in contemplation, watching the autumn leaves and the different shades and colours, thinking about the recent events in Lebanon, my blessed country.  The dark clouds are upon my beloved Lebanon yet again and winter is fast approaching.  Who knows what the future will bring?

I have faith and I know that life is cyclical, Lebanon needs our love.

I prayed silently…

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