Garo Dedeyan, Life Coach

Areas of Expertise:

  • Helping with emotional trauma and blockage
  • Restoring clarity, confidence and vision
  • Help in motivation, drive and purpose
  • Alleviating pain and suffering


  • Robbins Madanes Training – Strategic Intervention Coach

About Me

I grew up in Lebanon as a child and then the civil war forced my parents to relocate to Qatar. I attended boarding schools in Lebanon, United Arab Emirates and in the United Kingdom. Most of my background experience came from my years at boarding school.

I lived through some parts of the civil war in Lebanon, and it was very painful at times, especially when I lost many dear friends. I learnt about bereavement from a young age and endured many personal losses.


To prepare for my journey ahead as a life coach, I underwent extensive training and personal therapy. In order for me to be of help to others, I needed to help myself first. My journey in therapy took years and I learnt a lot about myself in the process.

I have volunteered as a life coach at churches in London and helped victims of abuse and trauma. I coached many victims of rape, incest and other such painful situations.

I have extensive experience in the field of the parapsychology, and I have assisted many individuals and families in this respect.


For over 15 years I have coached and supported clients from all walks of life. Issues ranged from individuals seeking guidance to clients struggling with severe emotional and mental trauma. I can help restore a client’s confidence by helping them find their own clarity. I enable clients to manage their pain and suffering.

On may occasions I am called upon to coach victims of serious crimes to assist them regain their confidence and overcome fear.

During Covid, I coached medical staff ranging from doctors, nurses and surgeons. This was a challenging time for medical staff who found themselves on the frontline with little or no resources for support. Many of the staff were depressed and some were even suicidal.

I have successfully coached children of all ages with positive outcomes. I gained invaluable experience in working with children.


  • I am empathic and I can relate to people on many levels
  • I am very professional, and I strictly observe confidentiality
  • My connection with children comes naturally
  • I am driven by the love of being in service to others
  • I will work with you to help you achieve your goals and future plans



  • Writing and reading
  • Exercise and walks in nature

Languages Spoken

I speak English, Arabic, Armenian, French and Spanish

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Thank you Garo

We met 3 years ago when I was a lost person, since that day, you bring me light to my life and you help me to follow the correct path. Nowadays, I just can tell you thank you, and looking back, I feel grateful looking at the problems that I used to have compare with the problems that I have today.

Maybe the key is that you learn me to look at the problems in a different way. I wish to be more people like you in this world.

Spain 28 July, 2022

Garo helped me to....

Thank you Garo for you time spent with me, your words and your advices was helping me to find my correct path. Since that day I accept my mistakes and I forgive myself. I didn’t imagine this will bring me the peace that I have today.

Spain 28 July, 2022

Garo helped me bounce back

Garo helped me bounce back at a really difficult point in my life. He is an incredibly insightful, good humoured and kind man with the power to help people heal

London May, 2022

I highly recommend him

Garo’s mediumship is first rate, characterized by deep preparation and informed by a wonderful communicator. Garo takes the time to listen and make you feel relaxed.

I highly recommend him.

Sarah D.
London August, 2022

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