Psychic Reading Terms: April 6, 2023

– Attendees must be available online for reading no less than 5 minutes before commencement.

– Please ensure you are in a quiet, safe environment with no distractions.

– Attendees who fail to attend within 10 minutes of the session’s commencement will be considered a no-show, and the meeting will be cancelled.  No-shows are non-refundable.

– The minimum time for cancellation notice is 24 hours before the appointment date/time. If a cancellation occurs in less than 24 hours, the booking fee is non-refundable.

– The meeting duration is up to 45 minutes. It is the medium’s discretion if the meeting should go longer or end sooner.

– Payments should be made in full and before the reading.

– By default, meetings take place on Zoom. Optionally available are Whatsapp Video or Facebook Messenger. Please get in touch with me at least 48 hours before the day of the meeting to arrange alternatives to Zoom.

– Please ensure that whatever device you use for our meeting is operational and optimal.

– The meeting is a one-to-one session between the medium and the attendee. No additional persons may be invited to the meeting without prior consent from the medium.  Please ensure that no other persons are available in your room.  Pets should be secured in another room, and all devices apart from the one used for the reading should be turned off.

– The meeting is copyrighted. No part may be recorded or reproduced in any format, shared or distributed online or offline, without prior consent.

– By agreeing to these terms, you agree to receive communication from Garo Dedeyan and be subscribed to my mailing list for notifications of future events. You may unsubscribe at any time.

– While I endeavour to deliver the best service, I am not in control over who may or may not link with me from the other side.

– If the meeting lacks clarity or I feel ‘blocked’ and unable to proceed further, I will cancel the session, and we can re-schedule for another date.

– Please do not interrupt the reading flow; you will get to ask questions.

– Legal notice: The psychic readings are for entertainment value.

– Prices may change without notice.

– Terms may change without notice

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