Psychic Development Workshop

Psychic Development Workshop

Held over Zoom every Sunday at 12 pm EST (5 pm London, England)

Sessions last around 2 hours (sometimes more) and cost $15 per session.

I have over 30 years of experience in the field and will do my best to help you understand and explore your gifts. Are you familiar with Chakras? Do you have any experience in meditating and visualisation?

Kindly share a brief background or experience that you have, if any. Please don’t worry if you have no experience at all.

Through the development process, you will learn the skills required, and then you can build on them and develop further. I cannot guarantee specific results, but all those who have joined my workshop have come a long way and benefited immensely from the experience.   

If you wish to attend our session this coming Sunday, June 4.  Please follow either link below to make payment:


Credit card:

It will be on a trial basis, and you can decide if you wish to continue in the future or not.




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