I once attended a house where a family were experiencing disturbances of a paranormal nature. They were anxious and scared, but their concern was mainly for the well-being of their children (son 6 and daughter 4)

A trusted medium friend accompanied me, and we did not feel anything unusual when we entered. I asked to be led to the children’s bedroom, where they reported disturbances. The bedroom appeared cosy, with two little beds. Various cartoon characters decorated the walls. I walked over to the boy’s bed and felt distinctly cold. I backed away and no longer felt as such. I opened with the Lord’s prayer and focused on the area where I felt cold. I discovered it was a portal linking both worlds and needed to be closed and sealed.

I focused on trying to close it using visualization, and that is when I saw her in my mind’s eye; an old-fashioned nanny. I tuned into her and asked her who she was. She appeared bewildered to see me. She was wearing a classic old-fashioned maid uniform. I did not detect any hostility, so I continued linking with her, and she explained that a family had employed her for many years to look after their children. The family were no longer there, but she saw it as her responsibility to continue her duty to other children. She was unaware she was causing a disturbance and had no ill intentions. I told her the children were in good hands and her services were no longer required. I assured her it was ok to retire and enjoy the rewards of her hard work. Her concern was losing the only thing that kept her going, and that was caring for children. I told her there are many children in the light who needed her. Her story was sad, she was holding on to her significance and the strong urge of being needed.

I directed her to the light and helped her with a prayer. After recounting her story, she departed quietly into the light and I sealed the portal. The cold spot was gone, and the energy and mood changed throughout the house.

I checked on the family a few weeks later, and they reported that all was good. They were relieved, but I will never forget the sad lady who is now in a better place.

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