Sharon Infante

Today I received my reading with Garo. What can I say but wow, spot on!
His apptoach is kind straight on didnt appear to holdback and yes will call upon him again down the road.
While I am aware of my intuition abilities but not to the point to give readings. I received confirmation of my queues of what Ive been working on.
If you dought life after earth existence its true there is a wonderful spirit world which Ive known of in my teaching and begginner work in mediumship.
My dad past a little over a year ago. And there have been some questions on my mind. During the past three days putting the questions out there with spouses family trying to get clarity.
First, Garo did reveal somethings that noone could not know and nothing is in public media of any kind.
Second, he mentioned things that were recently discussed no way for him to know but from spirit dad.
Third, all my queries unknown to Garo were answered. Meaning they were not ever written or spoken to Garo.
Fourth, he confirmed things that I have been trying to put together and weren’t sure if I was correct as my intuitive level is intermediary.
Thank you Garo what a blessing
The only thing I wish was given a few minutes to ask questions from what was shared.
Suggestion to those who seek his guidance when scheduling your appointment in comments put everything down ( all your questions). To Garo maybe give 5 minutes at the end for customer question/clarity.
To all, this is minor compared to the info shared in the reading. Do not let this last item lead you astray.
Thank you Blessings!



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