We all have a gut instinct that we can either embrace or ignore. Most of us, for whatever reason, choose to ignore our instincts and go against our feelings, and sadly, this leads to consequences, sometimes even severe. Yet, when we trust our instincts, they help us navigate situations, and therefore, we emerge unscathed or triumphant.

Our instincts differ from our opinions; instincts are feelings, while the latter originate mainly from our thoughts. It is tempting to ‘silence’ the feelings sometimes in favour of thoughts and ideas. When our thoughts are right, it elevates us and gives us certainty; everyone likes to feel competent. We must utilise our minds and think for ourselves, but even more importantly, learn not to ignore our feelings, especially that nagging feeling that won’t go away. Part of my growth has been accepting my feelings and trusting my instincts. In the past, I have paid dear prices when I ignored them and suppressed them to go with my thoughts alone. Nearly everything I do now, professionally and personally, is based on feelings, and I have made good friends with my instincts. They are a part of me as much as I am a part of them, so why should I ignore them?

On a side note, one of the most basic methods that unscrupulous individuals employ is diverting their victim’s attention away from their intuition through deflection or other means.

Make peace with yourself, listen to your heart, and be your best friend.

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