Which of these physical phenomena have you ever experienced?

I have not been kissed by Spirit before, but I heard others may have. I received a slap from a lady under the influence of dark energy, which was unpleasant.

I’ve felt a tap on my shoulder several times, which I never considered as ominous. It felt almost as if a child was behind it because it was so light and in quick succession at times. I never jumped or felt bothered.

I was in the sea and swimming with a new friend. We were in the ocean, and she told me she lost her mum a few years ago. When she had finished telling me about it, she was away in thought and staring into the distance. I remained quiet to give her some space, and then I felt a distinct push and a shove at my back. I quickly turned to look and saw no one there. She asked me if something was the matter, and I came up with an excuse. At the time, discussing Spirit with her in that setting was inappropriate, so I refrained from further sharing, but I did tell her that I believe that loved ones on the other side are in a better place.

Please feel free to share your experiences.

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