I was diagnosed with a visual disability many years ago, progressively worsening. I am mentally and emotionally prepared for the inevitable that someday, my visual ability will become significantly challenged and even redundant.

In my day-to-day function, I have learned to rely less on my eyes and more on my senses. Not being dependent on my eyes visually played a part in heightening my other senses, specifically my psychic ability. At first, it hurt me significantly to be at such a disadvantage, and I saw my disability as an impediment and an embarrassment. Now that I know how great an advantage my ‘disability’ has given me, I would not change it for anything. Serving others is a great honour and a privilege and has been essential to my personal and spiritual growth.

I am not sharing this post for attention or self-pity but to demonstrate that disadvantages can be conquered and turned into blessings. When we do that, we achieve significant rewards and benefits.

I love what I do and pray I can continue forever, with or without my eyes.

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