Have you ever caught a smell of no specific origin and out of the blue?

Many have reported spontaneously smelling aftershave, tobacco, incense, food, etc. Scents that we associate with loved ones that have passed are not uncommon. Interestingly, this phenomenon is experienced simultaneously by all who are present at the time.

Along with my team, we often smelled the fragrance of jasmine or roses at the end of our healing sessions at church. No flowers or any source would be responsible for spreading the beautiful smells. The more distressed the patient, the deeper the healing and prayers and the more pungent the lovely smell of roses at the end of our session.

We appreciated every minute and often sat silently reflecting on the day’s events. We always felt that someone on the other side was rewarding or thanking us for our efforts; it was the best feeling. Although we never expected any reward for our service, the appreciation and validation in the form of sweet fragrances from the other side were always graciously received by all.

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