Anita Orban

Garo Dedeyan, thank you for your reading, I had my reading with you on 08th Sept the day before my wedding anniversary and the reading truly made my day and my anniversary so amazing! Just to let everybody know that i do not know Garo, I have always wanted a reading as my husband passed away in January and did not want to have a reading too close to his death. Because he does not charge an arm and a leg, also because I had a good feeling about him, I booked an appointment and so glad I did! The reading for me was accurate as my Jeff’s character came through him, Garo even made the same expressions what my husband would do and even say and that is not easy, he had a very colorful personality!!! It was very subtle, very pure and beautiful. My anniversary was very light because of this reading, it had brought my Beloved closer to me!! I dreaded the day as Jeff was the love of my life and our wedding celebrations were the highlights of the years but the reading somehow eased everything, it is hard to explain! You have to patient with a psychic medium though because not only your spouse is trying to come through, there might be ancestors you have never met in the flesh and they have important information for you that you will have to research or what is coming through could potentially have a profound effect on your life! Thank you once more for the much needed enlightenment, deeply appreciate your gifts by helping others, you certainly helped us!



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