Soon after my mother lost her father, she told me that she woke up one very early morning and found him sitting by the side of her bed. She said he looked healthy and described him as radiating with a smile. She was not scared in any way and felt comforted seeing him. He spoke to her very softly, in a manner that a daddy speaks to their young daughter:

“Mary, look after your sister. I am going now…”  

He vanished before her eyes before she even had a chance to say anything. Overwhelmed with emotions, she cried alone in bed. My mother was very fond of her father and did not have an opportunity to see him before his passing.

She called me later that day and recounted her experience. She insisted she was not dreaming, and I assured her I believed her.   

“It was so real; he was there, right in front of me. I felt his presence and heard his voice when he spoke.”

We sipped our coffees and sat silently, and I felt I should give her space. Eventually, when she was not as overwhelmed with the experience, she thought of the message from her father. She decided to carry out his wishes and help her sister, who later turned out to need a lot of emotional and mental support.

My grandfather also visited me in a memorable and vivid dream, and I will recount that experience in a separate article.

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