I entered the hospital room, where the cancer patient lay, writhing in pain and discomfort. She was a friend, and it was tough to see a loved one suffering this way. I felt helpless and wished there was something I could do to help her.

“I know you are honest, Garo. Tell me, what did the doctor say?”

“It’s not good. I’m sorry, but the doctor does not believe you will get better.”

She sighed and closed her eyes. It felt as if she had known this all along, and now it was confirmed.

“Look after my daughters and husband, Garo. Please, be there for them.”

I promised her that I would. I sat close by and started my prayers, as I had done countless times before. I asked for her healing and begged the angels to help her. I wanted her to get better. Despite my daily visits to hold a bedside vigil and to pray for her, she continued to deteriorate. I felt sad and angry, so I visited my older friend Paula, who I considered my Earth guide. I vented and expressed my anger at why my prayers were not being answered, and Paula reminded me that not everyone is meant to be healed. She said that I should pray for her to be taken gently, painlessly, and in a dignified way.

That night was a complete struggle for me. I had to put my emotions aside and think of what was best for my friend. I prayed and asked to be guided. I soon drifted off to a semi-state of consciousness, and my communicator on the other side taught me what to do. I visualized it and focused very hard on the process. Feeling emotionally and physically drained, I went to bed.

The following day, news came from her daughter that her mother had passed. I don’t know if her passing was due to my efforts or not; I was relieved for my friend to be finally free of pain and at peace. I was happy and sad, a bittersweet feeling that would become quite common in my service as a psychic medium.

(Photos are stock and not of the actual patient)

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