Some people can prophesy future events and may see good or bad ones. Some can look far ahead into the future and inexplicably share things yet to unfold or materialise. It baffles me how it all works because I experienced it first-hand on some occasions and shared visions with my wife, and they all came true. I never intentionally set myself in any way to look into the future; it just happened when I daydreamed and shared my thoughts. The most recent one was a few years ago when I told her a new virus would come and spread very quickly/. I described its name as being of letters and numbers. I told my wife it would test humanity, and many people will die. A year later, the dreaded COVID-19 spread and sadly made a lasting impression on society.

Where did this information come from? Why was I inspired by this information instead of scientists who could have been better prepared? I have wondered if I was wrong not to have volunteered this information to the medical world, but then I would have been the subject of ridicule. Who am I for them to believe me anyway?

I wish this phenomenon happened more often so I could peek into the future and be lucky enough to avert a disastrous situation or, if lucky enough, see the numbers for the lottery! As I type this post, I ponder who it could be that is behind it, how and why. One day, we may better understand it and use it favourably to better our progress.

Have you experienced the same?

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