From my own experience, the answer is yes. I am learning and gaining experience every day. We cannot remain static; life is dynamic at all levels, and we are forever growing until the end of our lives.

As my service involves interaction with people, the experiences from the readings I offer and my life lessons are incredibly beneficial. At the most basic level, I have learned to be observant and to know when to allow clients space when they become emotional. As for Spirit, I am still learning, to this day, to interpret their symbols and communications. Sometimes, I get flooded with fragmented thoughts, images and feelings, and I have to find a way to bring them together in a sense-making way. It’s like putting a puzzle together; only this occurs at a multidimensional level with pictures, sounds, feelings, smells, etc. To complicate things more, they sometimes use symbols as a means of communication, which is very hard because there may be several meanings. Experience is crucial to spirit communication, and when I learned to make sense of it all, it came naturally and with it came the most profound and wondrous experiences ever.

I love what I do, and I count my blessings for being fortunate to serve and learn simultaneously but, most importantly, to be connected with beauty on both sides of life.

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