It is remarkable how many females who have consulted with me have, at some point in their lives, ignored their intuition and ended up in unfortunate predicaments. Some chose to be with the wrong person despite their senses alerting them to potential issues. Others walked away from deserving partners—good people—only to regret it later in life.

I have always regarded females as highly intuitive and sensitive, and it upsets me when I learn that someone has compromised their sensitivity and allowed others to take advantage of them. As times are changing, more males are opening up about their intuition and the consequences of ignoring it, which is a step in the right direction.

Interestingly, we pay a high price for ignoring our gut instincts. Whenever I fail in life, it is often because I ignore my own instincts or even my wife’s. Life is unforgiving to those who disregard themselves and yet trust others. My gut instinct saved my life twice during the war in Lebanon, yet I chose to ignore it entirely in favor of associating with the wrong crowd, despite my lovely wife’s warnings. I ended up paying a far greater price, but I learned to listen and trust myself.

God gave each of us a wonderful gift to help us navigate life: be your own best friend and respect it.

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