The role of an exorcist is challenging and very demanding; I never imagined just how much. Apart from The Bible, there is no specific handbook to guide you on what to do or not to do. I pray for guidance, and I trust my instincts.

Many cases may be attributed to depression or a disorder of some sort. Over time, I learned to better distinguish the genuine from the psychosomatic. While I feel sad for those suffering from an illness, I try to help them as best as possible. The actual cases of possessions or attachments are in a league of their own. They cannot be undermined or underestimated; there are consequences. Confronting the enemies of Light requires focus, discipline, unwavering faith, and guts. When the process begins, I have to see it through to ensure that the patient is rid of what was troubling them and at whatever cost. Once I venture into the arena, there is no turning back, I ignore all distractions and fear tactics, and I remind myself with conviction that I am in service of our Lord and that He is above all.

I’ve had threats, physical assaults, psychological manipulations and emotional blackmail. During one session, the entity vocally roared at me that it wanted to kill me. I calmly replied: “You’ve got to take your turn for that. There’s a long queue.” Suddenly, the female patient launched a ferocious physical attack on me, and she needed restraining. I will never forget its screams, a deep male voice from a female. Even though the entity had the upper hand, albeit for a short while, I never doubted my faith.

The harder they attacked, the stronger my faith became, and we emerged victorious. I learned to turn their fear to my advantage by embracing The Light to help save the sufferers and patients.

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