No one has all the answers; it is impossible. I may have some answers, primarily based on personal experiences, and I share what I know. I remind myself to stay grounded and to speak of what I know for a fact.   

We quickly forget that we have limited knowledge, which allows us to formulate opinions. Everyone is free to express their thoughts and opinions if they do not impose them on others. Time and time again, I witnessed people explain the paranormal in a tone conveying absolute certainty. The other side encompasses realities that far exceed our ability or comprehension. Our brains cannot possibly fathom that which defies every logic within our limited boundaries.

Even after 30+ years in the field and in service as a medium, a healer and exorcist, I find myself no closer to the finishing line but rather at the starting point. It is far more comforting to say ‘I do not know’ if you are not 100% sure than to portray false confidence or arrogance.

There is no shame in not knowing; we are here to learn.

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