Thirty years ago, we lived in an apartment block in an affluent part of central London. The block was beautiful and just a one-minute walk from Oxford Street, the heart of London.

The building had caretakers who took turns serving around the clock. Most were retired army personnel, older gentlemen, and very pleasant to chat with. Over time, they opened up to me about their personal lives and even shared a few secrets about the block where we lived.

“A gentleman does the rounds here sometimes, mostly at night. We’ve all seen him!” I listened intently, fascinated by what was being shared with me. I was younger and inexperienced, with a keen interest in the paranormal. I asked what the ‘ghost’ looked like, and he explained that they could only see his silhouette—a shadow figure. He went on to say that no harm had ever come their way, but seeing the spontaneous apparition did make them jump sometimes. He mentioned that they generally felt a slight chill during or after seeing the figure. The figure nearly always appeared at the bottom of the stairs and then started climbing up.

Now I understand why I occasionally saw a couple of caretakers looking distant and confused. Perhaps I chanced upon them after another visitation. I wish I had the knowledge I have now back then to help the lost soul find its way to move on.

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