“I see a toy single-propeller plane buzzing around the room.”

My client looked confused and shook her head. “Sorry, I don’t know what that means.”

“It’s not going away; it is flying in circles. It was getting louder and more prominent. Whoever was projecting this image from the other side was adamant about getting the message across. I asked the client if she could think of anyone or anything related to a single-propeller plane, and the answer was no. I advised her to take it on board and to investigate further with family and friends. The session ended on a positive note, and the client received a lot of evidence from the other side but could not identify the plane.

A few days later, she messaged me and said she had spoken to her cousin whose son had passed. He was into building model planes and had many in his room. I love This kind of evidence, where the client is completely unaware of a particular piece of information only to validate it later. It eliminates the old ‘mind reading’ theoretical nonsense and gives assurance and comfort.

Specific information from the other side helps clients become assured of their loved ones’ survival of death. I am generally detailed with the information I share. Even though I find such evidence impressive, my focus is on the client; it is never about me, but rather the clients and their loved ones on the other side. I rejoice when they receive specific confirmation that touches their hearts. It shows on their faces as they become animated and almost jump with joy.

Life is deathless….

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