Years ago, I embarked on a book project that I had hoped to write, but I abandoned it for personal reasons. The book centered on the personal experiences of Lebanese fighters during the civil war of 1975. My intention was for the book to be unbiased and non-political. However, it proved to be very challenging to gather information, as most fighters, especially the genuine ones, preferred not to revisit their memories of the war.

I conducted several interviews and was struck by how many stories included paranormal elements. Survivors recounted tales of injured soldiers calling out the names of their loved ones on the other side before their imminent passing. Many called for their mothers, while some appeared to become fixated on something ahead that only they could see. Expressions of fear and pain were replaced by peace before they surrendered to their impending fate.

A few reported seeing their deceased comrades back in the trenches, seemingly fighting alongside them. However, the fighters refrained from sharing these experiences with their superiors out of fear of ridicule or reprimand. Some survivors saw visions of saints or angels and had profound dreams that defied explanation, even amidst the chaos of battle.

I was always fascinated by the stories shared, and I often pondered why the fighters underwent such profound experiences. Perhaps it was the intensity of the war setting, the fine line that separated life and death. Although these instances were relatively rare, I found consistency across different cultures, races, and religions. It seems that when faced with our mortality, our senses are heightened to levels we could not previously perceive. Could it be the result of a chemical reaction? One thing is certain: we have much to learn.

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