How reliable are your experiences with visitations from loved ones on the other side?

We encounter them in dreams, hear them, sense their presence, or even feel their touch. Some seem to enter our lives with a gentle grace, arriving from the beyond seemingly indifferent to the constraints of mortality. Others communicate through signs, many of which carry profound significance, serving as compelling evidence of their continued existence beyond death.

Ultimately, our loved ones on the other side exert genuine efforts to reconnect with us through various means. Yet, receiving these confirmations can be challenging, as our minds often intrude, subjecting the experiences to analysis and doubt. The common refrain is, “Is this merely my imagination at work?”

I counsel those who seek my guidance to resist the urge to overanalyze such encounters, as doing so risks diminishing their profound impact. Instead, I encourage openness of mind and heart to receive the abundant love offered by the Spirit; our departed loved ones are steadfastly present for us.

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