Yesterday, during my Q&A session, someone asked if we could reincarnate as animals, such as a dog or a cat.

Given the appalling and hurtful collective human behaviour, we may not be entitled to such a level of incarnation; we must earn the privilege. The animal kingdom is far more advanced than we are spiritually; our pets are loyal, loving, caring, and there for us in our times of need. Few animals hesitate to sacrifice their lives to save their keepers. Their unconditional love and loyalty are exemplary, and they radiate in purity.

During my readings, the lovely souls of animals on the other side sometimes reconnect with their loved ones on Earth. The feelings are profound, and some pets can barely contain their excitement. So many people, including myself, will tell you just how human their pets are. Their characteristics are far superior to ours at a human level. Their empathy cannot be fathomed but has to be respected and admired. I had a dog once who used to cry when he saw me sad.

As I shared my view in the meeting yesterday, I thought: “It takes an animal to teach us to be human.”

We have so much to learn from the animal kingdom before we genuinely become deserving of them in our lives.

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