Many of my clients come from scientific backgrounds, including doctors, nurses, and scientists. They belong to a world that sharply contrasts with my belief system and would never align with the notion that life after death is even a possibility. However, much scientific evidence supporting life after death has emerged recently, and we are witnessing a distinct shift in opinions, even among members of the scientific community. I was chatting with a doctor, and he believed that just because his colleagues view the subject with narrow and limited tunnel vision does not necessarily mean that the broader picture and reality can be dismissed.

Many surgeons report that patients describe specific details from their surgery as if observing the procedure from above. They recall conversations and facts they could not have possibly guessed.

Near-death experiences (NDEs) defy scientific principles. Despite numerous theories, people who undergo an NDE return with fascinating information and display new abilities they never had before their temporary ‘death.’

I am delighted to see that the scientific world is becoming more open and accommodating in my lifetime. These are exciting times because we are witnessing a significant transformation that will only serve to elevate humanity. The beauty is that it is happening in my lifetime.

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