Once, before an online mediumship demonstration that I was hosting, I had an incredible experience. I was nervous in the build-up to the event, and there were a few hours to spare. I decided to go for a run to calm and centre my energy. As I was about to leave, I felt a tingling sensation all over; there was an energy around me. It was not the time for me to ‘open up’ yet, and I needed to go on my run, so I dismissed the feeling and left the house.

When I returned and as I prepared myself, I felt the sensation all over me again. It was pleasant and not disturbing me in any way. I ate something, slept briefly, and it was time for my demonstration when I woke up. I felt the tingling sensation again. It was someone from the other side, and I suspected it was a child. The demonstration was drawing near, so I prayed, and then I opened up to Spirit. I remembered to get a little snack to see me through the process, so I left the room to go downstairs. With me being psychically open, I immediately picked up the energy outside my room; it was a cute little boy, and he was doing his best to get my attention.

When I returned to my room, I saw the little boy in my mind’s eye, and he sat at the edge of my bed. I acknowledged him and sent him loving thoughts.

The demonstration started with many attendees, but my focus was on the child.

“A little boy here has been with me for a while, trying to get my attention. I usually choose who to deliver the messages to, but I wanted to share this openly for some reason.”

A lady raised her hand, and I felt my heart race slightly. I knew the boy was connected to her, and the word ‘Son’ resonated repeatedly.

“He is your son, isn’t he?” I described him, and she tearfully acknowledged what I shared.

“I could not have proceeded without making the connection. Your son has been trying to get my attention for the past few hours and following me all over the house.”

“I know… I asked him to do that. I asked him to come through today and do all he could to get your attention.” She thanked me.

The reading was excellent, and the little angel set a precedent for what turned out to be an incredible demonstration. I will never forget him, the sweet little boy who did all he could to get my attention.

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