At a boarding school where I studied years ago, there was an inexplicable paranormal event, and I was asked to investigate.

A disturbance occurred in the girls’ dormitory, specifically in a room shared by four girls. They woke up at night to an apparition in the room, and all four saw it. The figure of an older male in an old-fashioned suit stood in the middle of the room. He stared ahead, expressionless and did not say anything. The girls noticed what appeared to be a faint luminescent glow around the man that made him more visible in the dark. They could not agree on the colour of the glow, but it seemed that it was hazy blue and white. The girls were visibly shaken, but none were hurt, so I assured them they were safe.

I did not feel they were making up a story for attention or as a joke, so I explained the thin line dividing our worlds and how we sometimes collide. One of the girls interrupted me and directed me to the window in the back that overlooks the garden.

“Look at what he left behind!”

Upon the pane of glass was an imprint of a man’s face. It appeared similar to steam on glass but with far greater detail; it was unmistakably the face of an older man.

“How long has this been here?”
“Since we woke up this morning.”

I moved closer to examine it but could not find anything to indicate that they had manufactured the face imprint. I could not see how they could have achieved it. Yet again, I gave them assurances and asked them not to be scared. I could not feel anything in the room, neither a presence or an energy of some sort. I felt this was a one-off, and indeed it was; the students did not report anything further. I left a couple of hours later, by which time, the imprint had started to dissipate slowly.

The event took place in the 80s when there were no means to take photos easily as we now have, which is a shame. I would have liked to retain a photo of the face on the pane of glass to share with you.

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