Frequently, I encounter a plethora of responses from various individuals regarding inquiries about life after death and the paranormal. Most of these responses prompt me to ponder whether they are grounded in factual evidence or personal conjecture.

Maintaining a grounded perspective on the paranormal is essential, for even if we were to obtain definitive answers, our comprehension may remain elusive. The paranormal exists within a realm far removed from our own reality, often appearing deceptively simple yet possessing a complexity that is inherently multifaceted and paradoxical. Each individual harbours their own unique perspective on the concept of an afterlife, making it challenging to definitively ascertain who is in the right or wrong. While many draw upon religious or philosophical teachings to inform their beliefs, there exists a prevalent tendency among individuals to disseminate unfounded information under the guise of fact. When shared with vulnerable individuals, misinformation can inflict more harm than good.

Periodically, I host complimentary Q&A sessions on Sundays, with our next session scheduled for this Sunday, May 19th, at 12pm EST or 5pm in London, England. These gatherings foster an atmosphere of warmth and camaraderie, allowing individuals to share their experiences within a supportive environment. Topics spanning religion, the paranormal, and the intricacies of life are openly discussed, and I warmly welcome any questions or inquiries.

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