Many children have come to the church where I volunteered as a healer along with my team. The children were all accompanied by adults at all times; otherwise, I would have disagreed to see them. I have fond memories of the beautiful little souls and our work together. Children are incredibly intuitive and pure of mental pollutants we embrace as grown-ups.

Alexi was an eight-year-old boy who came to church with his mother. His mother, a medical doctor, was based in London but travelled frequently to her country of origin. The mother described Alexi as a troubled child, anxious and restless at times. She was concerned that Alexi was showing symptoms of someone influenced by external forces because of his anger.

I asked the boy to sit opposite me and engaged him in small talk. I was focused on his demeanour and my intuition for answers. I could not see or feel anything untoward or of concern. On the contrary, I thought he was a pleasant young boy and very mature for his age. When he went back to his mother’s side, I sat alone in silence and closed my eyes. I had a vision and a feeling about the mother; she was aggressive towards her son at times, shouting at him and even being physical with him. I saw that she was drinking at times and became very angry at him, and I shared this with her in his presence. She denied it, and Alexi stayed quiet with his head slightly tilted downwards. I reminded her that she was in church to help her son and told her there was no point in hiding or denying anything.

“Whatever you believe and however you feel, please promise me you will never raise a hand at this boy. You will never shout at him either.”

She knew that I knew, so there was no point in denying it. She shook her head as if to say she understood. I was to continue with her privately to ascertain what help she needed, as I felt she was troubled. I asked one of the volunteers to accompany Alexi to the library, and as he passed by my side, he stopped, looked me in the eyes, smiled, and gave me a huge hug.

I became emotional; I was honoured to be in the position of helping one of God’s little angels, and I could not think of a better honour.

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