It has been a while since I decided to eradicate the word ‘enemy’ from my dictionary and found great inner peace. The decision was inspired by Spirit, who told me I cannot serve humanity while retaining animosity towards other nationalities, races, colours, religions, etc…

It was a difficult decision because I am Lebanese by origin, and we are indoctrinated from childhood about our enemies (sadly, the list grows as I grow older). I am also half-Armenian, and we have other enemies to contend with. I took many long walks in nature, feeling closest to Spirit and God. I prayed for guidance to remove the dark thoughts and fill my heart with Love. When I felt right, I let go of the dreaded word ‘enemy’. I am not exaggerating when I say I found myself lighter and happier. Gone is the resentment, fear and bitterness. I made new connections and friends and found a new love far more significant. I no longer have ‘enemies’. My brothers and sisters surround me.

Rid yourself of the shackles of ignorance and fear and surrender to Love; it is far more powerful than hatred and everlasting.

Whoever you are, reading this post. I pray that today is blessed and full of love for you and your loved ones. Please take the courageous step into the Light and make room for abundant love from God and those around you.

Together, we are Light.

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