Before I start my readings, I go for a long walk in nature. I shut off all earthly and otherwordly matters from my mind and enjoy nature and its beauty. If I see a scene worth a photo, I stop to take pictures and enjoy the moment. I always say a prayer when I am in nature, I thank God and his blessed angels for allowing me to be in service.

If I lose my way in nature, then it is a bonus. Sooner or later, I find my way back home. I make myself a coffee and a bite to eat, and I try to avoid the computer, but I enjoy watching Judge Judy on television, after which I shower and sleep briefly. I purposely distract myself so that I do not think of the upcoming readings or tune into them in any way.

After rest and 45 minutes before my appointment, I retreat to my physical space, where I open up with The Lord’s prayer. I take my time praying; it must be meaningful and deep in my heart. I never rush it or recite it like a robot. The prayer process is the most critical aspect of my session, and I take it very seriously. I have to feel blessed and protected before proceeding and seeking permission to be of service. Next, I start a meditation and visualisation exercise to align and open myself to Spirit. During this time, I sometimes begin to receive communication and information from the other side before even linking with my client. I feel warmth and a delightful sensation; I know I am ready to begin my session.

Every session is precious and unique; they all touch my soul. I feel accomplished when a reading goes well, not for myself but for my clients. I cannot begin to describe the pleasure I derive from having been of service and helping loved ones link again. When the session ends, I ground myself and vacate my space to distract myself. I try not to dwell on the experience and move my focus elsewhere. Sometimes it may be hard to ‘come down from the previous session, especially if it had gone very well, but I have disciplined myself to deal with it. If I have time between sessions, I may briefly revisit mother nature. Otherwise, sleep is my friend, and it does help in every way.

I love what I do, it gives me great pleasure to help people to reconnect with their loved ones. It brings them certainty, comfort, healing and love. It is an honour and a privilege.

God has been kind to me in more ways than I deserve.

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