Jas Mine Valerie

Garo Dedeyan thank you for connecting with me today. You embodied my loved ones so accurately as you brought them through; you knew their personalities so well, and the kind of people they were, each unique in their own way, things about them nobody could guess, it was absolutely amazing.
Especially touching was my friend you brought through, whom I never share or talk about with anyone, you knew so much about him and details about his death, there’s no way you could’ve known these things, they aren’t out there in the world for anyone to search or see… I mean it’s just incredible. During our meeting, I asked my friend something specific to tell you and as soon as I sent that thought to him, you asked me about it not even a minute later. That blew me away. It truly felt as if we all were gathered there together, just having a fun time connecting, it felt so loving and was like a big hug that I truly needed. You even talked about something health wise with me, again, something I haven’t shared with anyone, you knew all about it.
You, my friend, are a beautiful soul. Your energy felt like sunshine, so kind and pure. It was such a treat to sit with you today. xox



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