I was preparing myself for a psychic reading and remembered that I needed to get some drinking water. I went to the kitchen while I was ‘psychically open’ and filled a large glass with water. On my way back, I felt a distinct presence, so I tuned in to find out what they wanted. It is common for spirits to link with me before the commencement of a reading. Sometimes, the best evidence and messages come this way because I have not yet met my client, so my mind is clear.

It was an older man. He seemed to be physically challenged and appeared to be ‘shuffling.’ I felt his energy was heavy, and I could not visualise him with clarity. Still, he asked me to link him with his daughter, who would receive a reading from me shortly. I acknowledged him and was about to enter my room when I felt him again. He appeared to be ‘lost’, and I assumed that he was challenged at a cognitive level. He was insisting that I should link him to his daughter. I felt sad for the older man; he seemed desperate, and I promised to do my best for him.

The reading began, and I found it odd that I was not feeling the older man’s presence. I relayed my experience to the client, who confirmed that it was likely her father and she wanted nothing to do with him. He was a very abusive man who ruled the household with absolute terror. I cannot relay some of the despicable things that he had done. She said he had come through at other readings and constantly asked her to link with him and forgive him so he could move on but she struggles to forgive him after all the horrors he put her and the rest of the family through.

A medium had previously told her that her father would remain earthbound until she one day forgives him and releases him. She is a kind-hearted woman struggling with this dilemma, I told her not to force the issue but to do what her heart tells her to do. She received other personal messages from her mother on the other side, bringing her peace. I felt sad for the older man when the session ended, but I also remembered, “You reap what you sow.”

Interestingly, he masked his monstrosity by portraying himself as a frail, sad older man, hoping I would feel sorry for him and convince her to forgive him.

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