When attending social events or gatherings, I refrain from emphasizing my abilities and instead focus on enjoying the company like everyone else. However, I often encounter inquiries about my profession, prompting me to assess the individual asking in order to respond appropriately. While I aim to be transparent about my identity and occupation, I also strive to avoid potential negative reactions or ridicule. Although such responses are rare and generally do not affect me, my primary concern lies in evading undue fascination.

I adhere strictly to my designated working hours, days, and service location, maintaining a professional and respectful approach towards both my work and clients. Mediumship, I believe, is not intended for mere spectacle or amusement; rather, its essence lies in providing solace and support to vulnerable souls. It troubles me deeply when individuals with psychic or mediumistic abilities exploit their gifts for personal gain or attention, rather than honoring the solemn purpose behind their calling.

An illustrative example of this disregard occurred with a female medium I once knew. At a party where many attendees, including herself, were inebriated to varying extents, she chose to showcase her trance mediumship to garner attention and applause. This display was ill-suited to the occasion, eliciting more criticism than admiration, with many later deriding her actions behind her back.

Mediumship, in my view, is a lifelong mission that demands seriousness and discipline. Its true purpose is to serve the greater good and humanity, requiring those blessed with such abilities to prioritize the needs of others over their own desires.

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