When someone passes away, their loved ones on Earth mourn their loss and shed tears from the pain of separation. It is often believed that those on the other side celebrate with joy and excitement when a loved one departs Earth and returns ‘home.’

However, what happens when someone deemed less virtuous in this life transitions to the afterlife? Is it conceivable that they too are welcomed with tears of joy, or is it more likely that they encounter those they have wronged, along with their own loved ones, for a process of reconciliation to commence? Sometimes, I ponder this question, but I endeavor to maintain an open mind to various possibilities. Our understanding of justice is inherently human and heavily influenced by emotion. Perhaps justice manifests differently on the other side. I do not presuppose the absence of justice; rather, its expression may diverge from our earthly expectations.

Regardless, from all the communications with spirits, I have gathered that every individual who transitions to the afterlife will be met by someone on the other side.

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