The greatest error any medium or psychic can make is to underestimate their clients and believe themselves superior. While mediums and psychics may possess a heightened degree of sensitivity necessary for their work, this does not imply they are more intelligent than their clients. In my experience, nearly all of my clients have demonstrated significant sensitivity and an ability to understand my personality and character more deeply than I anticipated.

It is unwise for any medium or psychic to underestimate anyone, especially their clients. Everyone deserves respect and honesty. Deception is unethical and will inevitably have negative repercussions for the medium or psychic. People can discern pretenses and falsehoods, and when they do, they will seek retribution, rightly so.

My clients are good people seeking assurance, comfort, guidance, and closure. They are vulnerable and need help and clarity, which is why they come to me. I take my service extremely seriously, and if I am not confident in my ability to deliver accurately, I will reschedule the session. This can be frustrating for clients, but I prefer to postpone rather than compromise the quality of my service. Unfortunately, I have seen some mediums disregard such circumstances and proceed with readings that involve a significant amount of guesswork. Such actions tarnish the reputation of our profession and raise questions about our integrity. Fortunately, most of my clients and potential clients appreciate my honesty and genuineness.

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