One of the most problematic aspects of being a psychic medium is that, as friends became aware of what I do over the years, some decided to distance themselves from me. It upset me initially because I love my friends and miss them, and I know I have so much to offer. Sadly, people fear what they do not understand, and it is easier to pull back or ignore.

The friends I expected to be accepting of me turned out to be the opposite, and those who I least expected to accept me for who I am came through for me. I learnt how fascinating life can be in time, but I was astonished when those from the scientific community or similar mindsets acknowledged me and extended their friendships.

Here is a sample message from one of my new friends who is an executive from the corporate world “… I wanted to let you know that while our life journeys and beliefs are different, we appreciate and respect you for who you are and are glad to count you as one of our friends.”

The love and support from my new friends meant the world to me.

Our faithful friends love us for who we are as we are, and those who leave are doing us a favour.

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