My job is not to impress clients with my mediumistic abilities but to bring comfort and closure. It is integral to my mission to shed light on fear and doubt so that my clients can liberate themselves and find the answers they seek. Only when our eyes and hearts are open can we see the truth.

There are many misconceptions about the other side, wrong interpretations and even paradoxes that defy logic and reason. Our minimal knowledge about what is out there could be improved with clarity and honesty. Speculation and personal opinions do not count. I follow straightforward rules of thumb; I speak of what I know and keep things simple. Clients are already carrying heavy loads and need to be lifted, not be lectured to or confused even more than they already are. Yes, it is impressive when evidence of life after death comes through to assure them, but what they take away from a profound reading is the feeling of love and healing, which they will never forget.

I take my responsibility very seriously; I am dealing with fragile souls and delicate situations. My priority is to help clients find peace after their loss. I was not a medium overnight; it took years of arduous self-exploration, soul-searching and preparation. When I was sufficiently prepared to be able to deal with other people’s issues, I was inspired by Spirit to begin the process. Being a medium is an important life journey that entails supporting others, and one can only help others if one helps oneself first.

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