Maria Anderson

I had a reading with Garo this morning. It was very profound. My dad came through as well as his mother. A black cat with a patchy white face came through that I did not remember but my sister validated that we did have a cat just like that. Wow.obj he told me that my father’s mother, my grandma, was very sad because the family was estranged. I thought Garo was just talking about my immediate family and siblings and we are not estranged. But when my father died I forgot that there was an inheritance that was never sorted out and because of that… cousins and aunts and uncles were estranged. It was a big inheritance. It was never resolved and select few were left with everything. And that was what Garo was talking about and it took my sister to point that out because I did not really know what he was talking about but I didn’t exclude the possibility.
He said my grandmother was holding a rosary. My family is Catholic so that is not uncommon but it later dawned on me that it was a symbol because her name was Maria del Rosario, as is mine. (OB) | can’t even begin to tell you how many things he told me that were spot on. He brought me peace connecting me with my dad and the fact that I never got to say goodbye before he died. Knowing that my dad is OK and that he wants me to let that go that meant quite a bit to me. My dad even had a message for me to give it to my brother which is going to heal my brother so much.o)Thank you Garo, It was such a lovely experience that I will treasure forever.o



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